Friday, March 06, 2009

But WHY???

"But why?...But why?...But why?...But why?...But why?...But why?"

We are simply not prepared for this phase of parenting!!! Mommy decided to deal with this line of questioning by giving VERY detailed, thought out answers to each"but why?"...which always earned the response, "but why, mommy?" So that doesn't work.

Daddy decided to use another approach to the onslaught of "but whys?"...he tried using reverse phychology by asking HER the "but whys". She didn't buy it. "No daddy, but why did you do that?"

We lost track of how many times we heard that question this evening. So, all we can do is laugh :o). We just can't believe we're already here! How is it that every new phase of parenting is more challenging/rewarding than the last!?!