Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colors: Week 2

COLORS week continues! We had so much COLOR fun this week that we'll definitely have to do another COLOR week soon, but right now we are on COLOR-overload!!!

Our Muffin Tin Monday didn't have a theme this week so we decided to just do a little rainbow of all our COLORS...raisins in a RED box, ORANGE cantelope, YELLOW pineapple, GREEN pickles, rice-crispie treat in a BLUE wrapper and PURPLE dried blueberries. Super yummy!
Next we did a little COLOR matching with our Mickey paint sample game. But it was way too easy for Em to just match them up, so we decided to play memory instead. This game is still a little challenging for her, but she really gets excited when she actually finds a match!

I thought this COLOR paperclip activity might be too hard (like the clothespin one) but she surprised me again. First she matched them up to the card and then slid them right on. Great job, little lady! (Tip for this one: I used these self sealing pouches to make "laminated" cards really easily. They make bag tags like these too which we use for SO many things. And of course you can find them at Target :o))

Our very favorite activity this week was our maiden voyage to Sprots for a little COLOR-matching shopping! Mommy had heard so many good things about their produce and prices and her friends were right! That place is awesome. Em brought her COLOR book along and our goal was to find one item for every COLOR in her book. It was super cute to watch her walk around and search out her groceries :o). Here she is with her ORANGE oranges, YELLOW bananas and all the COLORS in the trail mix. We also found RED apples, GREEN lettuce, BLUE chips, BROWN almonds and PURPLE dried blueberries. The only PINK and BLACK we could find were candy so we just looked at them but didn't buy them for home.

Daddy helped with our next activity and they had a blast...lick and stick rainbow with COLORED marshmallows! I'm pretty sure they did more "lick and eat" than "lick and stick" but they sure did have fun. In fact, I might have had to tell daddy that playing "chubby bunny" with a two-year-old is definitely a choking hazard :o).

We found this COLOR mixing milk activity during the middle of the week and knew we had to add it to our list. SO exciting. Since we are still reading Mouse Paint a lot this week, Em is really into color mixing. Her favorite part was when we mixed all the COLORS together and turned the milk BROWN...and she was convinced it was chocolate milk!

We read TONS of good books about COLOR this week. BROWN bear, BROWN bear, Mouse Paint, Hello RED Fox, COLORS, The Mixed-up Chamelion, PINKalicious and PURPLicious!

Here's one super messy, really fun COLOR activity...bath paints! She ended up painting herself more than the walls, but can't you just see the joy on her face!?! She picked the COLORS we used...can you tell she likes BLUE?

Oh, and we got a new game too...Candyland! We didn't really play by the rules, but we did match up the COLORS on the card with spots on the gameboard. (Sorry we forgot pics of this!)

But the "icing on the cake" for COLOR week was this amazing rainbow-COLORED cake!!! We mixed and poured and got really messing creating this masterpiece and it got rave reviews from Em and Daddy!!! (***Beware: the language on the cake link is just as colorful as the cake itself.)