Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Colors: Week 1

Last week we learned all about COLORS!!! And we had a ton of fun doing it! In fact, we had so much fun and so many activities to try that we are going to do even more COLORS this week...stay tuned.

First, we made a Color book. Em had SO much fun with this one. I cut out things of different colors beforehand, but she picked the ones she wanted to use and did a great job.

Our Muffin Tin Monday called for all things Orange. We had carrots with ranch, sweet potato fries, goldfish, cantelope, mandarian oranges and cheese. Em's gave a thumbs up to the cantelope, carrots and oranges.

We also Painted toast one day for a snack. Mommy even got a kick out of this one! Who knew?

We had fun playing the Egg carton game and I found those little balls all over the house!!!

This little Color Jump activity helped us work on running and jumping as well as our colors. I would just tell her to run and jump on the color and she loved it. I was even able to give her 2-step directions and she could find both colors. (Orange continues to mix us up a bit).

We made a "Baa Baa Black Sheep" puppet and gave Hayden a pretty good little puppet show :o). Note to self...painting cotton balls doesn't really work. Ha!

One of my favorites...we read the book Mouse paint a ton this week. This is a great book that shows how to mix colors to create new ones (I used to use it a lot in therapy with the little guys). Em LOVED it...literally carried it around all week. When we finished reading the book, we did just like the mice and mixed colors to make new ones with our Color squishers. Super fun. But the part Em loved most was using her Red Lightning McQueen car to make a painting with our new colors. It turned out great and she was super proud!

I was afraid that using the clothepins for her Color wheel would be too difficult, but daddy always knows just how to help us out. He taught her how one morning before work and she had it down in no time. And she learned a new color too...Gray!

This had to be Emerson's favorite activity...making a Fruit loop necklace! And somehow she tricked me into letting her eat one, put one on the necklace, eat one, put one on the necklace, etc. I think she made out pretty well :o)

And don't forget the Blue! Check out those precious "baby blues" :o)