Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4 month well-visit

Let me tell you something...I do NOT like shots. That's it. I don't like them. Other than that, our little visit went pretty well yesterday. I showed off how chatty and squealy I am, flirted with Dr. G. and had all the nurses oohing and aahing over my big 'ole bow :o). Then out of nowhere, they got me with those needles! And I S-C-R-E-A-M-E-D! Mommy couldn't believe how mad I was...it was even worse than my "bathtime scream" (which is really bad). But I got it together pretty quickly and slept the whole way home. My legs were still pretty tender last night and I've been awfully tired today, but I trust mommy that it will help me stay healthy! If only we could get Emerson to stop trying to touch my "awesome band-aids" :o).

Oh, and here are my 4 month stats:
Height: 25 in. (75th %ile)
Weight: 11 lb. 15 oz. (15th %ile)
Head: 40.25 cm. (35th %ile)

The aforementioned "awesome band-aids" :o)

Those shots made me SO sleepy...I didn't want to wake up from my nap yesterday or today!