Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daddy's Day Off

Yesterday, daddy had the day off to play with his girls...we had a wonderful day! We had a lazy morning and just hung out at home. We couldn't decide whether to go to the zoo or the children's museum, but ended up choosing the indoor option since it was a little too chilly outside. Daddy had never been before so we thought he needed to see it anyway :o). We packed our lunches and headed off. The last time we were there, Em was much younger so her interests were totally different this time...fun to see how much she has changed. And miss Hayden really enjoyed it too, at least the part she was awake for. Oh, and she totally had her first big spit-up ALL over daddy! Ha! After several hours of family fun and naps at home, we ended our day at one of daddy's favorite places...Rudy's Bar-B-Q. There's just nothing better than a 3-day weekend for daddy!

Daddy and Hayden after the unfortunate spit-up situation :o)

The best girls pic we could get...so sad!