Friday, February 29, 2008

Most Fun Museum!

Wow!! Today we went to the Most Fun Museum ever! Me, mommy, Kennedy and Courtney packed up and headed down to the Childrens Museum of Nature and Science and just had a blast...mommies included! They have the neatest play areas for kids of all ages including a farm, backyard, music center, fire station, kitchen, and my favorite...water world!!! We cannot WAIT to go back and would love to share this place with our friends. If you ever want to go, just let my mommy know so she can drive me there to meet up with you :o) What a fun day!

Here is one of the areas specifically for ages 0-2. We LOVED climbing, crawling, building and exploring!

Next we headed to the farm area. We got to check out some animals, sort some vegetables, plant "seeds" (ping pong balls) into the ground, ride tractors, AND I posed with a special sign...just for Papa Rowe :o)

Okay...this was my absolute FAVORITE!!! Water world! There was a huge water table with boats and ducks and water wheels, but I mostly enjoyed the running water on my hands and splashing like crazy with Kennedy. We were both totally SOAKED by the end :o)

Here are some of the other spots we visited...

Beep beep...firetruck coming through!

Wow, my boots are Ginormous in this mirror!

I sure do look glamorous :o)

Kennedy and I made some beautiful music and had BIG smiles!

And last but not least....the slide!!! I went up and down, up and down, about a million times. Sometimes I went on my bottom, sometimes I went on my tummy, but I always wanted to do it all by myself :o)