Saturday, December 20, 2008

Operation: Bulk-up Hayden

Oh, to need to go on a weight-GAIN diet....Hayden's mommy is certainly NOT needing to do that, but Dr. G says our sweet little girl does :o(.

Scott and I knew that Hayden might just be a tiny baby. I mean, Emerson was only 5.13 at birth and she has consistently stayed around the 20%ile for her weight. But she's always been healthy, so we didn't really worry. I had gotten used to people saying, "oohh, she is SO tiny" when Em was a baby, and everyone that sees Hayden says the same too. Again, I wasn't all that worried about it because she always seems satisfied after feedings and she sleeps long stretches at night (usually 6 hours, but sometimes even 9!). Anyway, I did notice that Hayden isn't really growing into any of her 0-3 month clothes and that her Newborn clothes still swallow her! Plus, she has the tiny-est little bird legs you ever did see. So I borrowed a friend's scales and was stunned that she is still under 7 lbs.! I called the dr. and they had us come in to see what the problem could be. Sure enough, she weighed only 6.11 (she was 6.7 at birth). So obviously, little girl isn't gaining weight. Ugh. Dr. G. has put her on a little "weight-gain diet".

We're not exactly sure of the root cause but it could be a couple things. It could be that my body isn't producing enough milk because she is not latching on well enough due to her tongue-tie (this is the lactation consultant's opinion) or that I'm not producing milk with enough calories to beef her up (this is the doc's opinion). So for now, we've made an appointment with the ENT and I plan to ask that he clip her tongue just in case this is the reason. And until then, we are supplementing our nursing with formula to add extra calories that way. Obviously, we just want her to grow and thrive, whatever it takes!

When I left the doctor, I seriously felt like a big failure about all this and WAY bummed that nursing her isn't doing the trick. I mean, my poor baby is basically starving! I also feel like all the "specialists" have different opinions so it's hard to know what to do. We just want to do what is best for her and I'm praying that God will guide us in this. I hate to think that my body couldn't provide all she needs, but if she ends up needing more calories from formula then of course that is what we will do. If you get a minute, please pray for us and we'll keep you posted :o).