Monday, December 29, 2008

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” - Albert Einstein

Our little lady is SO imaginative lately! It's so fun to watch the little wheels turn in her head and hear the things she comes up with :o). During our time in Granbury, she started a little "game" she would play every time we sat down at the table. She'd tell us, "Oooh, there's a monkey on your head; on the shelf; on the chair; behind you; etc." It was so hilarious! She'd get all excited and giggly and we all played right along and kept her going for sure. Well, now she's moved on with even more imaginary friends. In the car this afternoon she told us, "There's an elephant on Hayden's bow", "There's a worm in my mouth", and "There's a monkey in your hair, mommy"! And then she just sat back and laughed when we tried to "catch them". But her daddy plays along the best! While they were out running a few errands today, she was practically yelling, "There's a lion on your face, daddy". He was a little worried she'd cause widespread panic in the store by convincing people that wild animals were loose! Then it was, "There's a zebra running outside the car" which he immediately rolled down her window so she could throw some food at him...those two crack me up :o). What a precious little girl we have...can't wait to see what the Lord does with her creativity!