Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

And what a Happy Birthday it was!!! We just feel so extremely blessed right now and thankful for God's precious gift to us! There truly isn't a better gift than our Savior.

Scott and I had SO much fun this year really settling into some of the traditions we'd like to have at Christmas and decided it was WAY fun to play Santa :o). Of course, Hayden Kate didn't get too much out of it all, but it was so sweet to have her there. And Emmy has been SOOO into Jesus' birthday that she was plum giddy about it.

On "Christmas Eve" (okay, we were really at my parents on real Christmas Eve so we had to pretend it all over again on the 28th to start our own traditions...a little tricky, but hey it worked this year) we started getting ready for Jesus' birthday. First we got to open an early present...Christmas P.J.'s! This is something Scott's family always did and I love it so we plan to do the same. Then, we got busy making the cupcakes for Jesus' party. Pretty sure Em ate WAY more of the icing and sprinkles than made it onto the cupcakes though :o). And last, we got a little treat ready for Santa and the reindeer. We left him one of Jesus' cupcakes and some milk, for the reindeer we left goldfish...Emmy decided that's what they'd like. Ha! Then it was off to bed. Of course, we read all our Christmas books one more time.

Daddy and Emmy opening their P.J.s!

Icing the cupcakes...

...and don't forget the sprinkles.

Be careful with that reindeer food!

It all had to be just right :o)

Happy birthday Jesus cupcake and milk for Santa and goldfish for the reindeer

Okay, then the real fun began! Scott and I had the BEST time putting toys together and decorating for the party, imagining Em's reactions and thinking ahead to future years. I'll definitely cherish those memories we made :o). Oh, and I totally couldn't sleep that night because I was just so was like I was a little kid again.

On "Christmas" morning, Scott and Hayden went up to get Emmy up and they all came down the stairs together. She was so pictures, but I got it all on video. We thought for sure that she'd notice the presents first, but she actually ran straight for all the party balloons! She kept saying, "Happy birthday, Jesus party!" and "I made him cupcakes". Finally she noticed the presents and stockings and we had fun just playing for a while.

Look daddy, Santa and the reindeer just left crumbs :o)

Here's Emerson using her new scissors...the one thing she actually asked for!

Hayden loved her new activity gym! Notice how girly it is...Santa's decided we don't have to have gender-neutral stuff anymore since we'll probably only have girls :o)!

Lots of fun things in our's Emmy's race car!

After that, Scott read us all the Christmas story and we had our birthday party. This is something we'd been really excited about starting and it was way fun. I can't wait to see what the girls will want to add to it over the years. We just always want them to know this is the most important part...not the presents, the hustle and bustle or even the "traditions" we have, so we'll make the party as big of a deal as they want!

Here's just a few more pics from the morning...

The girls got each other books this year...Fancy Nancy for Emerson and a black/white book for Hayden.

Mommy and daddy had fun buying presents too :o)

Pics and stories from Carlisle and Rowe Christmases coming soon!