Monday, November 10, 2008

Well visits

Today the girls both had little check-ups at the doctor...Emerson's 2-year well-visit and Hayden's 1-week check-up. Thank goodness daddy is still home with us because we needed him there! They both did a great job and got A+ reports :o). We just love how much Dr. G. loves our girls, and Emerson has grown to love him too. She almost didn't even mind the shots but her My Little Pony band aids helped too.

While we were in the hospital, I noticed that Hayden might be "tongue-tied" and the lactation specialist confirmed it when she came to do a little evaluation of our nursing. Basically, the little part under her tongue is attached very far forward (just behind her lower gums) which causes her to not be able to stick her tongue tip out/up. The two problems that can occur because of this are 1) nursing/feeding problems (which is actually going pretty well) or 2) speech problems later in life (which I knew about from my experience as a speech pathologist). Anyway, she had told us to talk to our pediatrician about it because it might need to be clipped and I was determined that we'd at least come away with a consult for an ENT. Which we did. Dr. G. was quick to call for us and wanted us to at least visit with the ENT about pros and cons of getting it clipped. So, we have an appointment tomorrow (Tuesday) to get it checked out. Please pray that we can make the right decision for Hayden!

Other than that, our girls are looking good...take a look for yourself:

In the waiting room.

Weight: 6 lb.

No jaundice

Super cute :o)

Weight: 24 lb. (20th %)

Height: 33 1/2 in. (50th %)

Beautiful girl!