Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To God be the glory...

...great things He hath done!!!

Over the weekend, I overheard my sweet husband and daughter talking about Jesus. I'm embarrassed to say that of all the things I've taught her about Jesus, I'd really never taught her about the cross. But I had the privilege of hearing her daddy do so and it is truly one of the sweetest memories I have of them. As Scott showed her a small cross and explained to her why Jesus died there, I could just "hear" her thinking about it. Over the next several days, she would mention what she'd learned several times and I just LOVED hearing the TRUTH come from her precious mouth. And today, I'm just so thankful that my Heavenly Father has already begun to work in her and reveal Himself to her!!!

Emerson: Jesus died on the cwoss, mommy! (as she was pointing to the crossing lines in the parking lot - I just love it that she is so observant and allows God to make these connections in her mind)
Mommy: That's right, Emerson. Jesus did die on the cross. Why did Jesus die on the cross?
Emerson: He loves you! (which really means, He loves ME in Emmy-speak)
Mommy: That's right, He does love you!
Emerson: Jesus loves mommy. Jesus loves daddy, too. Jesus loves baby sister, too.
Mommy: That's right, babe. I'm so thankful your daddy taught you about the cross! (Thank you, Lord, for this sweet moment.)