Monday, September 22, 2008

One last hurrah!

Mommy and daddy decided that we needed to have one last hurrah as a family of three so a few weekends ago we headed down to San Antonio. Daddy was sweet to take a day off in between his old/new jobs and spend a little time with his ladies :o).

On the way down, we got to stay with Aunt Gina and Uncle Greg in Austin. It was SO great to see them and see baby Ava's beautiful room. We can't wait until she gets here...any day now! I can't wait to be a cousin :o).

On Friday morning, we headed on down to San Antonio and spent the morning at a way fun Children's Museum downtown. Daddy seemed to love it as much as I did...he is such a big kid :o).

Brusha, Brusha!

My first time in a "plane."

Dressing up like "Fancy Nancy!"

Daddy helped me with the digger.

Milking a cow :o)

Digging for fossils.

Big bubbles!

Even BIGGER bubble...all around me!

One of our favorites...a family portrait (Emerson, Mommy, Daddy)


After a quick little ice cream break, we checked into our hotel on the riverwalk and ALL took a nap! So nice. After we napped, mommy and daddy took me to the coolest restuarant...Rain Forrest Cafe! Mommy and I had never been there before so it was new to us. I was a little uneasy around the gorillas, but did love the elephants. What a fun place. After dinner, we took a little river boat cruise and learned all kinds of fun things about the city. I really just enjoyed seeing all the ducks swim by and watching for more boats. By this time, it was way past my regular bedtime so we walked back to the hotel and all crashed. Oh, but I did hear mommy say that baby sister kept her up several hours that night...guess she was excited to be there too!

Saturday was most definitely my favorite...we went to SEA WORLD! We had been talking about it, planning our trip and getting ready for over a week and I was ready! Mommy and I had watched lots of videos about Sea World animals on YouTube, made a "Sea World book" full of pictures of animals that we would see and even played with my sea animal puppets to get ready. So when we got there, I knew most of the animals already!

We packed up lots of snacks and got there as soon as they opened that morning. The very first thing we did was go see a Baluga whale/dolphin show that was AMAZING! If you ask me now, that is still my favorite part. Karo had introduced me to the "Baby Baluga" song so I was super excited. I loved seeing the animals jump in the air and mommy and daddy LOVED watching my face! Right after that show, we decided to go on over to the Shamu show so that we would be sure to see it that day...another AWESOME show! Mommy and daddy felt like little kids too, but really loved watching me the most. I kept showing them with my face what Shamu was doing (like sticking his tongue out for fish and opening his mouth so big). They even decided that we would sit in the "splash zone" but we lucked out and only got a little bit wet. Some people got absolutley soaked! After Shamu, we went to the little kids play area, but I was still a little too short for the rides so daddy took me on the slides instead. Good enough for me! We ate some snacks and were on our way again.

Baby Baluga! If you ask me what my favorite part was, I still say baby baluga!
Look how high that dolphin can go!

Mommy and I watching the show.

Daddy and I getting ready for Shamu!

There he is!!!

Mommy and daddy's favorite part was watching me tell them what Shamu was saying :o)

Next, we got to do something SO fun...we got to feed some little fish to the sea lions! I absolutely loved it and didn't even get scared when those big 'ole guys were barking at me for more fish :o). Silly sea lions! After we fed them, we went to see the sea lion show and I was fascinated once again. We even got to see a great big walrus which I remembered from my Sea World book! Mommy and daddy were so proud when I pointed it out and told them about the "big walrus".

Those crazy sea lions kept saying, "arr, arr" and wanting more fish!

Sea lion show

"That's a big one!" I remembered the walrus from the sea world book me and mommy made.

By now, it was way past lunchtime and way past naptime so we decided to head out...we would finish up the next day. So after a late lunch at Rudy's Bar-B-Q (daddy's favorite) we all went back to the hotel for more naps! Glorious! After naps, daddy really wanted me to see the Alamo, so we walked over. It was cute for mommy to see daddy teaching me all about the Alamo :o). Next we walked over to the Riverwalk for dinner. We had yummy Mexican food right next to the water and I LOVED watching all the people walk by...didn't eat much, but loved the people :o). Okay, time for bed.

Fake smile :o)

Me and mommy

The fam in front of the Alamo.

On Sunday morning, we went back to Sea World to see everything we missed the day before. First off was feeding the dolphins! I wasn't quite as brave about feeding them but they were a lot closer than the sea lions. I let mommy and daddy help me this time, but I still loved watching the swim by so close! Then we went to the inside aquarium and got to see tons of sharks, sting rays, jellyfish and fish...I loved it! (Just couldn't get any good pics). The next part was another one of my favorites...the penguins!!! I loved watching them and cracked mommy and daddy up by mimicking them :o). It was almost time to head home, but we knew we had just enough time to do one more we went to see Shamu again! It was actually a little bit different show, so that was fun. And mommy and daddy even got me my very own Shamu puppet as we left (suckers!).

Look how close they are!!!

Daddy helped me feed them this time.

Mommy and I loved the penguins!

What a very fun trip we had! Certainly GREAT memories for our little family of three :o). And I can't wait to go back and take baby sister someday soon :o)!

Here are some of mommy and daddy's favorite "Quotable Emerson" moments from the trip:
"I love Shamu, mommy."
"I want to hug him (shamu)."
"Baby Beluga is taking a nap."
"Arr, Arr, Arr." (what the sea lions say)
(While sticking my tongue out) "Shamu say that!"