Thursday, August 28, 2008

B-A-Y-L-O-R, Baylor Bears Fight!

Welcome back College Football!!! Such a happy day at our house :o). And despite the fact that "our team" hasn't exactly won a national championship, we still have high hopes for our boys this year! This is one of the first years since mommy and daddy left Baylor that they haven't actually gone to the first game of the season, but it just didn't happen today. So instead, daddy had a fun "boys night" of watching the game and mommy and I had our own fun watching at home :o). And since we are girls, we've already noticed a bunch of things that daddy wouldn't want to talk about anyway: the cheerleaders look super cute, mommy says she and daddy's Baylor Line jerseys were cuter than this year's, we think the stadium looks awesome with everyone wearing Gold AND I just saw a cute little girl wearing a Baylor cheerleader outfit that I must have (got that, daddy?)! Oh, and the football players are doing a good job too :o). GO BEARS!