Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet & Sassy New 'Do!

I got my very first haircut today!!! Mommy had been noticing that my hair was growing a little uneven, but she had been afraid to cut off all my pretty curls in case they wouldn't grown back. Daddy convinced her it would be okay and we decided it was finally time to take the plunge. We found the cutest little girly place you can imagine, Sweet & Sassy! It was precious! Daddy was definitely out of his element, but we keep telling him he needs to get used to all the glitz and glam since he's got a house full of gals :o).

Anyway, I was SUCH a trooper the whole time. Not too many smiles, but I sat pretty still and was very curious about it all! Mommy asked them to just even it up in the back and then try to blow it out straight...just to see what I would look like with a cute little bob. Well, she did great on the cut, but it looks like my hair just wants to be curly! We couldn't get it very straight. It was definitely precious, that's for sure! And the finishing touches were the best...they sprayed my hair with special glitter spray, put two glittery stars on my cheek AND let me pick out a yummy sucker. Daddy sure was proud that I picked a purple football :o).

So what do you think?!?!


On our way...

Don't I look so big in that chair!?!?

Let the cutting begin! I kept calling my darling little cape an "umbrella" :o).

Finishing touches...glitter spray and some stars on my cheek!

Mommy and daddy are SO proud!

Yummy sucker...they made me take my shirt off before I could eat it :o)

Here's the little certificate they made me and my first lock of hair!