Sunday, July 27, 2008

Car Conversations with Emerson: Part 1

Here was our conversation on the way home from church. I don't want to forget it :o).

Mommy: Em, what did you do at church today?
play balls.
Mommy: Oooh fun! What else did you do?
Emerson: colorin'.
Daddy: You did great coloring (holding up her masterpiece). What else did you do?
play friends.
Mommy: Awwww...(breaking my heart :o)
Emerson: hugs.
Mommy: You gave them hugs?
Emerson: yes. hold hands. so sweet.
Mommy: That IS so sweet! I'm glad you are a good friend.
Daddy: Did you have a snack?
Emerson: yes.
Daddy: What kind of snack did you have?
Emerson: crackers!
Mommy: Did you sing any songs?
Emerson: yes.
Mommy: What songs did you sing?
Bible song.
Mommy: Ooh, you like that one!
look, mommy, look!
Mommy: What do you see?
big truck
Mommy: Oh, wow!
hi mommy! daddy doing?
Mommy: What IS daddy doing?
drivin'. vroom vroom, daddy. go, daddy, go! (laugh) silly.
Mommy: Emmy, what will we do when we get home?
see Tatum. woof woof. big dog. sweet Tatum.

moments later...
rubber daisies.
Mommy: Huh?!?
Daddy: I think she's saying "whoops-a-daisy".
rubber daisies.
Mommy: Well, I guess we learned a new word at church :o).
Emerson: rubber daisies. church.