Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nos-cone! Nos-cone!

You guessed it, I had my first "nos-cone" (snowcone) today!!! Wow! That's some yummy eating :o). I guess I come by it honest. See, when mommy was pregnant with me she ate snowcones like they were going out of style. She said it was really the only real craving she had, but it was a pretty intense one :o). We've been driving by the "nos-cone" stand every day and lo and behold, it was open today. Mommy about stopped traffic to pull over. So I got bubblegum flavor and mommy got wedding cake. Our decision to go with bubblegum was not the best, however. We assumed it would be light pink, but out came bright blue! Not safe. Mommy decided we should switch, but it really didn't matter to me. I absolutely LOVED my "nos-cone". I literally cried when it was gone (not one of my better moments). I hope this new baby likes "nos-cones" as much as I did so that mommy will take me back soon :o).

I'll have that one, please.

Hurry mommy, gimme that "nos-cone"!