Sunday, May 11, 2008

Compare and contrast

So here's my compare/contrast list of my first trimesters with Emerson and baby #2:

- I just feel SO blessed! It is not lost on me how many of my friends and family struggle to get pregnant or remain pregnant. I don't know why God has chosen to bless our family in this way, but I am so very thankful. We don't take this for granted.

- Seeing that little heartbeat on the screen for the first time just took my breath away. What an amazing God we serve that thought to create life this way.

- I had a gut feeling (like I did with Emmy) that I was pregnant very early on.

- Scott is absolutely thrilled and can't wait to be a daddy (again)!

- I didn't get to surprise Scott with the pregnancy this time either...he's just too aware! He knew exactly when we could find out and wanted to be right there. It was fun to share it with him from the beginning though!

- Obviously, our "timing" was almost identical since their birthday's will be so close :o).

- The first time, we were convinced we were having a boy...wrong! This time, I really don't know but Scott's guessing boy again. We'll see :o).

- I was not sick at all with Emmy, but this little stinker has rocked my world! The all day nausea began around week 6, quickly turned into several trips a day to the porcelain throne and prompted a call to my doc for some meds!. I think the meds have definitely kept it at bay, but I'm still pretty nauseous all day and still visit the throne quite a bit. I'm definitely looking forward to feeling good again and I'm praying it's right around the corner :o).

- I'm surprised about this since I do have a toddler running around, but I actually don't feel as exhausted as I did with my first pregnancy.

- I'm showing SO much faster this time!

- We kept things a secret longer this time.

- I can only remember having one or two weird dreams during my first pregnancy, but this time it is out of control!!! I have several REALLY weird dreams each night. Very weird. Just last night, I dreamed that Scott and I were getting married (again), and I had a killer dress! Of course, we had to take the ski lift up to the wedding and then that turned out to actually be a 200 yd. race which I convinced the coach that I really couldn't run in my dress :o)!

- I'm not as diligent about reading my books/stuff online about the baby's develop each day :o(

- It's so fun to share this all with another little one running around! Em is so carefree about everything and it just makes me want the baby to hurry up and get here :o).

- I'm a little afraid this little one is already getting some "second child" treatment and I feel so bad! For example, we haven't done as great of a job reading our Dr. Seuss in-utero book to the baby as we did with Em. I'm blaming it all on not feeling great right now and hope to get back on top of things!

- We're not quite as nervous as last time because there don't seem to be as many unknowns. Hope we're not being naive :o)!