Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Daddy and I decided we'd let mommy celebrate Mother's day all weekend instead of just one day this year! We asked her what all her favorite things to do were and tried to do as many as possible. On Saturday, we got up and headed for the of mommy's favorite places! We spent the day running through the grass, picnicing, looking at the pretty flowers and just enjoying the beautiful weather. After that, daddy took us to's a cutie little cupcake place that mommy had always wanted to go to. Very yummy! After an afternoon of playing together, we had Mexican food for dinner and Uncle Brad even got to join us. I was pretty worn out by this point, but I think daddy, Brad and mommy stayed up to watch a movie after I went to bed...probably something boring :o). On Sunday morning, daddy and I got to give mommy her cards and present. She really seemed to love them!!! On our way to church, daddy let us hit up Starbucks on the way (a treat for mommy) and then we spent the morning worshipping and fellowshipping with our friends. We had a little lunch and then headed home and ALL took a three-hour nap. It was glorious!!! We spent the rest of the day outside and daddy cooked out for dinner. What a sweet weekend for mommy!