Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flutter Flutter

That's what I've been feeling from my precious little baby!!!

May 18th (16 weeks exactly) - As I was lying in bed tonight, I felt the first little "flutter" from your precious little body! I'm not positive this is it, but it feels pretty close to what I remember with your big sister, Emerson. I had forgotten how exciting this part of pregnancy is and I can't WAIT to feel you moving again!!! Daddy says to take care in there :o).

May 20th - There you are again! Oh, how fun!!! You must like for me to actually lay still for a moment so you can wiggle around. I love feeling your little flutters!

May 26th - Hi sweet baby! Today you really wanted to get my attention :o). As I was shopping at Target tonight, you fluttered about and stopped me in my tracks! I just stood there and enjoyed the moment...people must have thought I was crazy just standing there and smiling, but I don't care. You are such a miracle and I LOVE YOU!