Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wishful Thinking...

I'm sitting here dreaming of the fabulous weather we had last weekend...wishing it would come back soon! But while it was here, we did take advantage. On Sunday afternoon, daddy and I took my wagon out for it's first trip to the park since last year. We were bummed that mommy couldn't join us, but she had a meeting at church. Since she couldn't come, we took some pictures for her. Enjoy!

Daddy picked out my outfit all by himself and mommy was more than amused! :o) A PINK dress with jeans underneath (b/c it might have been too cold? Ever heard of stockings?), white tennis shoes (with a dress, really? Reminds me of old people at the mall.) all topped off with a lovely RED bow. Not winning any fashion awards here :o) Still had fun though!
Having a snack on the way.

Picking a little grass.

Taking a little swing.

That's enough pictures!

Let's head home, daddy.