Monday, February 11, 2008

Going to Grandma's

Well, I really went to Gigi and Granddaddy's house, but you know what I mean!
On Friday I got to go spend the night with Gigi and Granddaddy all by myself! Mommy and daddy went to a marriage conference so I got to go have a little fun of my own :o) But first, mommy and daddy dropped me off at Uncle Jim's house to hang out with him and Traci a little before Gigi and Granddaddy could come pick me up. We had so much fun eating a snack, playing with my baby and watching a little ESPN :o) I can't really remember all we did that night, but I do know that I woke up at Gigi and Granddaddy's the next morning! We had such a good time and they told mommy, "Well of course she was good. I mean, why wouldn't she be happy doing whatever she wants!" I mean, that's what grandparents are for, right!?! :o) Thanks for letting me come stay! Can't wait to see you again soon!

Tunnel time!!!

Hanging out with Granddaddy :o)

Now mommy wants to borrow to the computer to tell you something...

Like Emmy said, Scott and I went to a WONDERFUL marriage conference this weekend! We had heard about Jimmy and Karen Evan's ministry called Marriage Today from my cousin and his wife and had begun tivo-ing their show and bought several of their resources. We even gave some of our friends their "Marriage on the Rock" book as a wedding gift because it really is that good. When we found out they were coming we knew we had to go and we are SO glad we did!!! God used them to teach us SO many valuable things and we even had the opportunity to renew our vows. What a blessing! Anyway, I would just highly suggest looking into this ministry and all they have to offer. I know for sure that their book is wonderful and we really enjoying watching/discussing their show once a week.

Here we are with my cousin, Monty and his wife, Stacy...they are SUCH a blessing to us!!!