Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Road Trip!!!

Mommy and I just had the BEST roadtrip! We left on Thursday and headed for Little Rock, AR, to see mommy's best friend from college. Lair was SUPER excited to have us visit and see her new digs :o). Even though I only slept a combined 40 minutes on the 5-hour trip there, it was actually pretty good. Mommy and I knew daddy must have prayed for us a LOT since it went so smoothly! And it was WAY worth it as you can see!

Lair's house is totally ADORABLE!!! We loved every little thing about it! That girl definitely has the touch :o) One thing I REALLY loved at Lair's house was her kitty "meow-meow". Isn't that such a cute name!?! It sounded a little more like "mau-mow" coming from me and I said it ALL the time :o) I was always looking for that cat! And she even shared how food with sweet is that?!?! (daddy was SO grossed out when I told him about this!)

This kitty is awesome!!!

Sweet "mau-mow"


...I see you!!!

Cuddling on the couch :o)

We got to spend a ton of time with Lair's family that lives in Little Rock too. Lair is the oldest of SEVEN siblings and they are all SO much fun! Four of the seven still live at home (plus an exchange student) and two more live in town, so there is always something going on at their house. Of course, we got there on Valentines Day and got to celebrate with the fam. Lair's mom made the most delicious meal and even gave us little gifts! And her dad read us all the story of St. Valentine (see daddy, Hallmark didn't make it up!). We really did have SO much fun! While we were in town, we also got to go to her brother Caleb's varsity basketball game (he won!) and her 11-year-old sister Caroline's game too. I fell in LOVE with Caroline! Anytime she was around, I would reach out for her to hold me and ask for "Nar-line". She was so good with me :o)!

Cheering for Caleb at his basketball game.

Me and "Nar-line" after her basketball game.

Caroline - me - Lair

Mommy's favorite part of the trip was just spending time with her friend! There were many late night talks, trying to figure out how they first became friends and lots of loving on me too. Mommy had been so excited to see Lair in action at her new job. She is a children's minister at the church where her dad is also a bishop. The Lord is doing such neat things in that church family and it was so cool to finally get to see Lair teach and hear her dad preach. What a blessing their family is to so many!!!

Here I am playing with the other kids in my Sunday School class at Lair's church. I just walked right in and sat down to play like I'd been there a million times before :o)

Thanks for the visit, Lair. We LOVE you!