Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a sweet little V-day at our house this year! Since mommy and I were headed out of town after lunch (more on that later) we knew we'd have to celebrate early. So we woke up and made daddy a yummy, lovie breakfast :o) He really liked it and let us share too!

Then he gave us our FAVORITE gift...he made us each a new addition of our Newspapers...the Emerson Post and the Jessica Times. We always love reading all the fun and silly stories he dreams up. Of course, he's a little bias but they always make us feel so very special. Thank you SO much daddy!

We gave him some cards and a gift certificate to have a "girl-free, guilt-free" day of golf! Big smiles from daddy! But when he left for work, we left the real surprise for him to see when he got home...we thought he should know a bunch of reasons we love him!!!

Lots of reasons we love our daddy/hubby!

The pink are from mommy and the red are from me!

Of course, we love to celebrate around here (and I had way too many v-day outfits to wear), so Kennedy and I had a fun afternoon of celebrating too. She was so sweet to bring me a sweet present that included some edible play dough. Don't you just know we LOVED that!?! Fun times for sure!!!

This stuff is crazy!

Look, we made it into a ball (with a little help from mommy)

Smash, smash, smash

"You know, Em, I know your mommy said we COULD eat it, but I don't really think that means we SHOULD."

We also did a little Valentine art with some conversation heart stickers. Even though mommy tried to get us to put them on the paper, we really just wanted to stick them on ourselves and each other. So, she scrapped the plans and got in on our fun. After she stuck some on our foreheads that read "BFF", we couldn't resist. We put them wherever she told us...on our noses, our ears, our eyes, our tummies, our feet, our hands, even in our hair! It was super cute!

"BFF heads"

Put one on your nose...

What a mess!

Little masterpieces of love!