Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Daddy's Balentime

I heart my Daddy!

My daddy came home from work today with flowers
and a card for me and mommy. Not only that, but he made a little newspaper that had stories all about me. Mommy also got a newspaper but I was too busy chewing on mine to read hers. Mommy said daddy has been making her newspapers called The Jessica Times since they were dating, and this time he printed the first edition of The Emerson Post too. I can't wait to get more of them. The card said that daddy loved me very much and he's proud that he's raising me. He said that mommy will always be his first Balentime but that I'm his little girl and he'll treat me like a lady forever. I sure feel special!

Kennedy and I made balentimes for our parents today too. We took pictures in our balentimes outfits holding life-sized conversation hearts. Check out the pictures.
Well, I'm off to chew on some favorite pastime lately. Happy Balentimes (mommy thinks it's cute that I say it that way even though it's her job to fix that kind of thing)!