Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hide 'n Seek

Mommy and I heard of a great idea from one of my friends and tried it out yesterday...thanks Katelyn! First you get a big tub of this stuff called pasta and hide some of your toys in it to dig for AND get measuring cups to scoop it up and pour it out. I liked digging my hands in to find my ball, bells and puzzle pieces :o)! Mommy kept trying to trick me and hide them away, but I found them fast! And I loved scooping it out with my cups. I REALLY loved it when mommy held some really high and dumped it back in the tub. Very loud and so fun! Plus, mommy and I both got really good at saying, "no eat"! I never could sneak one into my mouth before she took it away. Bummer!

This stuff is weird!!!

Look, my ball!

And my bells!

Sneaky mommy can't pull one over on me, I'll just dump it out!

"No eat" :o(