Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plain 'ole fun day

Today was just a plain 'ole fun day. Kennedy always comes over on Wednesdays so it's always a good day. Kennedy and I really do love each other. You should see the smiles on our faces and hear the squeals when we see each other. We almost always greet each other with a kiss and sometimes a hug. The only problem with hugs is that we usually both end up on the floor...think of it as more of a tackle than a hug :o). Mommy was really tickled today when we spontaneously started playing peek-a-boo with each other and were laughing so hard! Good friends! Oh, and we wore matching clothes cute is that!?! Here's some of the stuff we did today.

Hamming it's what I did when mommy said, "Say cheese!"

We colored "Happy Birthday Jesus" pictures for Jesus''s coming up really soon!!!

Taking turns (ok, trying hard to take turns) ringing the doorbell.

We love to read books.

I don't remember what it was, but something was way funny!

Peeking around the corner for my friend...oh look, there's mommy. I better give her a little smile :o)

After Kennedy went home, mommy and I met up with Stacy, Mayce and Bryce at the mall for a little visit. They were so sweet to bring me a "Happy Birthday Jesus" gift with tons of fun stuff. Thanks guys! I had so much fun playing with the big kids...but mommy just forgot the silly camera. Next time.

And last, we talked daddy into leaving work a little early to take him shopping for his birthday. It's coming up on Saturday and we needed some ideas. That guy is so hard to buy for! I guess he is right though, we all have been blessed so much and really don't need a thing. Don't worry though, mommy and I have something up our sleeves :o)