Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...all around our house!

Last Sunday, mommy and daddy and I spent some fun family time getting ready for Christmas. I don't remember how it went last year because I was still spending most of my time sleeping. But boy, did I figure it out THIS year!

First, we put in my new PraiseBaby Christmas DVD (thanks Karo!) so we'd have some fun Christmas music to listen to and then we got busy! We pulled out tons of lights, garland, trees and about a million "balls" (or ornaments, whatever).

My favorite part was when we got out the nativity set and daddy read us the Christmas story while we put it together. Mommy helped me know who everyone was while he was reading and then we put all the pieces out...after a rather unfortunate decapitation of one of the wise men. Don't worry, he's all better now :o)

Then we put up my very own "Emmy-style" Christmas tree in my's very "me" since I helped pick out the decorations :o) Daddy actually helped a lot too. See, when mommy and daddy got married, their first real conflict came when decorating the Christmas tree. Mommy grew up only having white lights, daddy grew up with only colored lights and neither understood the other! But, being the sweetie that he is, daddy gave in and let mommy do the white lights. But, when we were picking out my tree this year, he seems pretty adament that I should have colored lights! Mommy caved and we found some pretty cute lights and ornaments. I LOVE it!

And before bedtime, we got a special treat. I got into some Christmas jammies and we celebrated the day with hot chocolate for mommy and daddy and milk for me (spiked with the tinyest bit of egg nog)! It was DELICIOUS. I seriously cried when it was all gone :o)

There was so much to do that we ran out of time that day and mommy and daddy have been finishing up this week. It is seriously cheery around here :o) Gigi, here are some pics so you can see how it all turned out!

Three little stockings hung all in a row :o)

Our Green and Gold (Baylor) tree!

Our Emmy and Tatum tree...lots of our pictures here!

Wishing you a Merry and Bright day!