Friday, November 16, 2007

Turkey Time

We're in full-on "turkey mode" around here! Mommy LOVES Thanksgiving and has been so excited about the upcoming holiday, so we have been doing tons of Thanksgiving crafts. I've loved it, but mommy may have enjoyed it even more :o)!

Here is the "Texture Turkey" that Kennedy and I made with mommy. This is an activity mommy always did with her students at school to talk about adjectives and it was always one of her favorites. I really enjoyed all the different textures...bumpy, soft, fluffy, rough, sticky, furry. In fact, I not only liked feeling the textures, but I enjoyed tasting them too...those "rough" fruit loops didn't last long :o)!

Here was a little snack activity we did...Popcorn corn husks! I LOVE popcorn, so this was my favorite activity by far. I got to eat lots of popcorn and them mommy helped me glue some on our corn husks! I did more of the eating and mommy did more of the gluing, but you know what I mean :o).

Asking "please" new favorite sign :o)!

My chocolate handprint turkey! This one was not only fun to make, but fun to eat! And I got plenty messy too :o). My two turkeys have chocolate bodies, ketchup waddles and mustard feet. So cute! My hands are another way I'm like my mommy...we both have really long fingers, which make great turkey feathers :o)Last, but certainly not least, we did a little baking! I helped mommy make some pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins. This is one of daddy's favorite recipes, so we decided to make some for him to take to work. Of course, we kept a few for ourselves :o). Yummy!