Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful hearts!

Mommy, daddy and I are so very thankful for this season! God has truly blessed our little family more than we can imagine. We thank Him for His gift of salvation, His incredible provision and all the blessings He has poured out upon us!

Revelation 7:12
saying, "Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen."

This has been a very busy Thanksgiving week! Daddy took the entire week off so we could spend some quality time in the Panhandle and it was just wonderful. I love Thanksgiving week!

We decided to ride up there with Gigi and Granddaddy Carlisle which was great fun. Gigi kept me entertained the whole way! Our first stop was in Lubbock for a wedding send-off party for a family friend who will get married in Jamaica. I got to meet a lot of mommy and Uncle Ross's old friends. Gigi and Granddaddy had a fun time showing me off to their friends, too!

Gigi and I were dancing at the party!

Here I am meeting my new freind, Jackson. He really thought I was cute :o)

Next, we were on to Kress to stay with Meme and Granddaddy Street. Daddy hadn't been there in a while so he was excited! Meme and Granddaddy really just outdid themselves as hosts and I was SO spoiled :o) We did lots of eating, playing, reading, and petting their kitty, Bozo.

Meme reading me my favorite book before bedtime :o)

Me, Gigi and Granddaddy Street

Before I knew it though, we were loading up in the car again to make a quick one-day trip to Dumas. Mommy grew up there, but hadn't been back in several years and wanted to see some of her old friends. It was my first time there, so they showed me all around. We got to stay with some of their best friends and got to visit with several more!

Our little family in Dumas!

Me and Gigi (and my super cute tights!)

Here I am coloring pictures with my new friend, Matthew! Mommy went to school with his mommy and daddy so she really wanted us to meet. This guy cracked me up!

And here is sweet Cuyler...he is the best baby! Thanks to Jim and Kristi for letting us visit! Hope to see you soon!

We also got to visit with mommy's best friend from high school, Nicole and her three precious kiddos, Kendall, Keaton and Kambree. We were SO sad to have forgotten our camera and we wish you could have seen those cuties :o)

Here I am with Miss Patsy. She and her husband are some of Gigi's and Granddaddy's best friends and they let us stay at their house. Thanks guys!

Then back to Kress we went. By this time, I was really being SUCH a trooper, but I had just about had it with being in my car seat. I just wanted to get somewhere and stay for a while! So that's what we did. While we were staying in Kress, we got to see tons of family. Luckily for Meme and Granddaddy, most of their kids and grandkids still live really close, so they get to see each other often. I had more fun playing with everyone!

Here are Gigi and Meme trying to get me to dice, ladies. No matter how hard you try, I'm just not quite ready :o)

Aunt Kathy (or Dillon's Grammy) is reading us a book!

Kissing cousin Dillon...why do our mommies keep telling us to do this?!?

Playing with Dillon and his daddy, Dane.

Looking cool in Gigi's shades

Tackling Gigi...SO funny!

Oh, and don't forget about daddy's fun...while I was spending time with aunts and uncles and cousins, daddy was out on the town with Granddaddy Street getting to know a little about country life :o). He went on a tour of the cotton gin AND the dairy. Plus, he got to do a little hunting with mommy's cousins! I think we just about "country-fied" him :o).

Thanksgiving Day was the BEST part! Everyone came over to eat at Meme's house and it was incredible! Mommy always told me that Meme was a great cook, and boy is she right! Even though my favorite thing to eat were the rolls, I hear the rest was very yummy too :o) Mommy was so excited for me to get to share this day with all her family...the food, the football, the family and playing cards...just like she always remembered!

Gobble, Gobble!

Making Granddaddy laugh :o)

Tasting a little chocolate pie (mommy's favorite) with mommy and Meme...yum!

Playing with Jamie!

Uncle Johnny, Dusty, Travis and Laura

Just before we left for home, God made us a special surprise....SNOW (or "no!" as I called it). I wasn't too excited about putting on my big coat and hat, but once we got outside, I was all smiles! Snow is so funny!

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (translated snow)"

Gigi braved the snow with fun!!!

I love snow!

"Daddy, that's COLD!"

My first snowball :o)

And now we are back home. Home Sweet Home! I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight and play with my puppy in the morning. Mommy and daddy said that we will get to put up all our Christmas decorations tomorrow...can't wait! Don't really know what that means, but I can't wait :o)!