Friday, October 19, 2007

Howdy folks, Big Tex here....

Today was "Fair Day" for our family! Daddy took the day off so we could spend a fun family day at the Texas State fair. It was my first time to get to go to the fair and it did not disappoint! I had so much fun just looking around and taking it all in :o) Mommy and daddy said they even got to see parts of the fair that they had never seen before since we were looking for the more "kid friendly" activities today. I was still too little for most of the rides, but I did get to ride the carousel, see all kinds of animals at the petting zoo, watch some puppies doing tricks at the dog show, meet Big Tex, see all kinds of new cars at the car show AND I got to try some fair food! Whew, it was a busy day! As we walked around today, mommy and daddy and I thanked God for creating such a beautiful day and giving us time to spend as a family! Oh, and we think He has a great imagination when we look at all those crazy animals in the petting zoo :o)

Carousel ride with mommy!

Sitting in daddy's "dream car" (a Chevy suburban) with him at the car show...this was definitely his favorite part!

My first bite of funnel cake!!! Can you tell I'm saying "mmmm"? That's what I say when something is yummy :o) I also got to try a bite of corny dog and it was yummy too.

Looking at some of the animals in the Petting Zoo. There were all kinds of neat looking animals to see....llamas, pigs, sheep, camels, pigs, ostriches, even a giraffe!

What a fun day at the FAIR!