Thursday, September 27, 2007


Question: which is better, watching The Office by ourselves or watching The Office at a killer party with our friends? Fact: Watching the season premiere of The Office at the Weems' house is the best. Fun, Friends, Food, First episode of the year.

Mommy and daddy and I dressed up with our friends for the party and watched the first show of the new season! All the grown ups ate 'Office' type food: Za (pizza), collard greens (salad) and MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP, but Carson and I just made do with bottles :o) I was SO excited to get to see cutie Carson! It was a win, win, win situation for everyone.

Thanks to Jason and Hailey for hosting the party. Here's some pictures of us having fun. Oh, and we missed you, Amy!

P.S. Aunt Sarah, we thought of you a lot tonight and guess that you will enjoy this more than anyone. We have had our Dwight bobblehead out all week, thanks to you :o)

I came as a "Stapler in Jello" :o)

The fam in our costumes...
Roy (aka daddy) - Stapler in jello (aka ME) - Darryl (aka mommy)

The boys were talking about Fantasy Sports during the commercials. Seems daddy is just trying to stay out of last place and Josh is making a charge for the lead...we'll see.

Hailey was helping keep me busy!

Jason and Hailey - let's call them "Jim and Pam" since they're so darn cute :o)

Cute Cooleys :o) That baby Carson is a doll!

What do you think? Do I look good in an afro?!?