Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm sorry, I'm not sorry

(Sorry for the confusing title...little inside joke :o))

We spent this weekend at the lake with some friends and had SO much fun! Karo and Grandpa Rowe graciously let mommy and daddy and I take some friends to their houseboat for some fun in the sun. It was the PERFECT weekend! We talked and played and swam and ate...what could be better than that!?!

Karo and Grandpa Rowe, thanks for letting us use the boat...we can't wait to see you there next time!

Here's all the girlies on top of the boat while we were cruising around the lake

Laying out with mommy...I'm not so sure about all this :o)

Bathing beauty (in the shade anyway)

"Beep, beep...out of my way, busters..."

Courtney wnd Sharee working on their tans!

Hanging with Uncle Rossie

Daddy, Jeff and Matt (trying to act tough)

Here's Uncle Greg going down the side. This was part of some weird game the boys came up with involving throwing a ball between five people while sliding into the water...I don't think they were very good at it, but I still don't understand the point of the game.