Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a difference a year makes...

Last year at this time, me and mommy and daddy were all in sunny Mexico with our friends. Of course, I don't remember a lot of it since I was still in mommy's tummy, but they tell me that we were all having a really good time. Anyway, we decided to get together with those same friends this weekend and it was even better than that "Babymoon" cruise - probably since Emma and I are actually outside the tummies this time :o)

We headed north to Tulsa (my first trip to another state, by the way) to see mommy and daddy's college buddies and my new friend, Emma. Emma and I had SO much fun!!! I am only seven weeks older than her, so we are alot alike. We had fun talking to each other a LOT, playing together, going to church together, getting asked if we were twins about twenty times, even posing for all the silly pictures those mommies tried to take :o) The funniest thing we did was plan a late night wake-up right during their heated game of spades. It worked too...they let us stay up a little and play with them :o) Oh, and I fell in LOVE with Emma's puppy, Koby...I couldn't get enough of him (poor guy, I kept messing with him the whole time). Anyway, fun times had by all! Hope to see you soon Emma!

The whole crew!

The whole crew again...guess who I'm staring at? Koby!

Here are mommy, me, Emma and Jill last year on the cruise! If you can't tell, their shirts say "Coming in October" and "Coming in December".

And here we are now - Emma and I are are wearing the little Mexican dresses that our mommies bought us on that trip :o)

Watching a Praise Baby video while the parents ate dinner. Emma loves these as much as I do!

Ahhh, Koby! I love that dog! Poor Emma, she's caught in the middle of us!

Daddies and daughters :o)

A silly pic from the "matching dresses photo shoot" that mommy and Jill were trying to make happen. It just wasn't happening. Can you believe I am trying to give Emma bunny ears!?!

Here's a better one :o) Aren't we the cutest little senoritas?!?

A cute pic of me and daddy :o) This one melts my mommy's heart!!!