Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Pool Time

Kennedy came over one day this week, so we decided to go swimming. We both gasped a little when our toes hit the cold water, but we quickly got used to it...and had the best time! It's fun to have a friend to go swimming with! Kennedy, let's do it again soon!

A few days later, mommy and I decided to let Tatum in on our fun! Boy did she have fun:o) I just love my puppy. She can really make me laugh! But she didn't want to just watch me have all the fun, she wanted to get in WITH me. So, I shared my pool and my pool toys with that crazy mut!

Funny story: Tatum kept sticking her paw in the water, stealing one of my pool toys and then tearing around the backyard with it. That puppy was going crazy! All of the sudden, mommy started counting my toys and realized one was missing. She looked everywhere but couldn't find it. She texted daddy's phone: E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y. He called immediately. Mommy told him that she thought Tatum had swallowed one of my toys. He told her to call the vet (duh, mommy). She called the vet and they told her to bring Tatum in for an X-ray. Mommy panics. She snatches me up so that we can all get dry and loaded up in the car. Surprise...I was sitting on that silly toy the whole time. I guess all that water in my diaper made a comfy cushion. Mommy laughs and lets me get back to swimming. She calls daddy. He laughs. Silly mommy!