Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sa-wing Batta Batta

Poor, poor Rangers! On Saturday night, I went to my very first Texas Rangers game! It was really fun, but those Rangers did not do so good :o( We went with Courtney and Matt (who was shamelessly cheering for the other team!) and loved every minute of it. The crazy part was that the game started AFTER my bedtime. Mommy and daddy kept waiting for me to have a major meltdown and fall asleep, but I had other plans. There was just so much going on around me that I did not want to go to sleep at all. I watched all the people around me, played with some of my toys, chewed on Courtney's necklace, cheered for the players, played with mommy and Courtney, and even watched a little of the game. Mommy and daddy couldn't believe how great I did! That kind of fun sure can wear a girl out though - I had my fingers in my mouth and was fast asleep before mommy could even finish buckling me into my car seat.