Friday, July 06, 2007

Red, White and Blue

Happy Red, White and Blue to you! This was my first Fourth of July and it was SO much can't even imagine. See, I got to spend it with not only one set of my grandparents, I got to be with BOTH sets of my grandparents! Wa-hoo! Karo and Gandpa Rowe drove up to meet us at Gigi and Granddaddy's house, along with some other friends and family. We are talking about some MAJOR spoiling here :o) We played and ate and I even got to see some fireworks! It wasn't really in the plan, but I wasn't feeling so hot that night and kept waking least I got to sneak in some extra grandparent time :o) Here are some pictures from the day. We didn't get that many, but here are a few.

Daddy, me and Grandpa Rowe on the golf course (I didn't really get to go with them, but we walked out to meet them on the 17th hole).

Aunt Traci, me and Gigi's friend Melissa, dipping my feet in the pool.

Karo reading me a book.

Mommy tickling my tummy :o)