Friday, June 08, 2007

Wanna have a staring contest?

Because I'd win. Hands down. You wouldn't have a chance. I'm serious.

You see lately, everywhere we go, I have decided that observing the normal bounds of social behavior is unnecessary. I have no problem with staring down any stranger, young or old, big or small. This usually involves me turning completely around in my highchair or shopping cart and craning my neck to get the best view possible. Mommy and daddy say that it's completely impossible to explain to a seven month old that staring isn't polite, so they'll just learn to deal with it. The best part is, most of the strangers that I find so fascinating don't mind my staring at all! In fact, they usually just smile back or comment on how cute I am. Except those two at Pei Wei tonight...oh well :o) So, until I am old enough to understand the concept of minding my own business, watch out...cause I'll be watching you.