Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A day in my life...

Since my daddy has to go to work and doesn't get to stay home with me and mommy during the day, we decided to show him what we do all day. So, here's a day in my life....

7:00 - I woke up and played in my crib for a little while until mommy came to get me up. It was big smiles for mommy! She says this is one of her favorite moments of the day, to see my little head pop up and give her that toothless grin :o)

7:30 - Breakfast! This morning I got to eat some oatmeal and peaches...yum!

8:00 - Mommy and I went on a walk to the park. We like to go early in the mornings before it gets too hot! We always walk by the little pond on the way to the park and watch the duckies for a while.
When we got to the park, I got to swing. I LOVE to swing! Can you tell how pumped I was?!?

9:30 - When we got back from the park, it was time for my nap and I took a LONG one today! I must have been really sleepy! As you can see, I like to sleep with my little tushie in the air (just like my friend, London :o))

11:30 - I woke up from my nap and had a quick snack (bottle). Then, mommy and I got busy playing! We played on the floor with my toys...

...then, mommy read some books to me. My favorite today was the Baby Peek-a-Boo book.

I played with my floorgym for a little while...

...then, we did some tummy time. I'm really good at rocking back and forth on my hands and knees!Then, I played in my jumperoo while mommy did a little bit of laundry.

1:30 - Time for lunch! Today, I had rice cereal and some beef. Now, I haven't been too thrilled with all the new meats mommy has been giving me lately, but this one wasn't so bad. I ate it all and mommy said she was so proud of me :o)

After lunch, mommy and I played in my room for a little while. We played with my car...beep beep!

And, we played with my new little piggy. It is so cute! It teaches me "This Little Piggy" and wiggles around and makes me laugh :o)

2:15 - I was getting sleepy, so it was time for another nap. This one was a good little one-hour nap that got me through the rest of the day.
3:15 - Up and at 'em! When I woke up from my nap, mommy and I took a quick trip to the grocery store. Mommy needed to buy some stuff to make brownies for the mommies in her book study and I needed some more veggies. The trip was a success!

4:00 - Time for another snack (bottle). When that was done, mommy and I headed upstairs to play. We like to keep different toys up there so that we don't get bored during the day :o) We played with my Roll Around balls and Einstein blocks...

...and I spent some time in my exersaucer. I am really enjoying playing with it lately!

5:00 - We headed down to the kitchen to bake the brownies for mommy's group, and to cook some dinner for daddy (we made tacos). Mommy even let me have my own wooden spoon to play with while she cooked. On a side note, I'm not really enjoying my bouncer as much as I used to so we'll see how much longer I let mommy put me in there.

6:00 - Daddy's home!!! This is one of my favorite parts of the day, and this is the sweet smile he gets to see everyday when he walks through the door.

6:15 - Dinner time! Mommy fed me some rice cereal and sweet potatoes/corn while daddy ate his tacos. I ate all my dinner, but it took a while because I kept gazinig over at my handsome daddy instead of eating. Oh yeah, I learned something new while I was eating all my meals today....if I blow a raspberry while there is food in my mouth, my food will blow all over mommy! How funny! Although, I don't think she thought it was all that hilarious, because she kept saying this word to me - "no". Who knows what that means anyway?

6:45 - Rub a dub dub...time for the tub! I love me some bathtime!

7:00 - After getting lotioned, putting on my jammies, and saying our prayers, daddy fed me my night-time bottle while mommy headed out the door to her book study group.

7:15 - Night, night Emmy. Sweet dreams!

Whew, what a great day!