Thursday, May 24, 2007

Full-time mommy!

Yay! As of today, I have a full-time mommy! Not that she wasn't always a full-time mommy, but now she actually gets to stay home with me all of the time instead of going to work! We are SO excited! I'm not sure if I'm quite as excited as mommy is, but I do think this is going to be WAY fun :o) I'm already imagining all the walks we will take, the trips to the park, play time at home, reading books together, meeting daddy for lunch, going on play dates with my friends, and just plain ole' fun mommy-daughter time! We are so thankful for a daddy who works so hard so that mommy can stay home. Thanks daddy - we are so proud of you!

Here's a picture of me and mommy at our "celebration dinner" tonight! See I told you we were way excited!!!