Monday, April 30, 2007

6 Months Old

Six months old - wow! I really can't believe I'm already half a year old! Time flies when you're having fun....and that's exactly what we've been doing :o) This month I've really grown up and there's no slowing down! Here are some fun facts about me this month:

Things that I like:
- playing with paper - I try to take it from mommy and daddy anytime I can
- playing on the floor - I love to roll back and forth and wiggle around
- singing songs - my new favorite is "Where is Thumbkin?"
- reading books - I've been learning about body parts lately :o)
- bathtime - I'd stay in there forever if they'd let me
- any of my toys that make the "krinkle" sound
- my "lovie" blanket
- being outside and going on walks
- looking in the mirror
- listening to music

Things that I don't like:
- waiting between bites of cereal (mommy and daddy are sometimes too slow)
- still don't like sleeping in the nursery at church, but I'm enjoying my time there better
- practicing sitting up - I keep falling over :o(
- not much else...

Things that make me laugh:
- tickles from mommy
- daddy throwing me up in the air
- daddy singing the "Dear Emmy" song he made up :o)

Silly things I do:
- I scream all the time lately! Not grumpy screaming, just for fun screaming :o)
- blow tons of spit bubbles
- "talk" all the time and I'm getting louder!
- try to turn over and wiggle away when mommy and daddy change my diaper
- stick out my tongue
- get the hiccups when I laugh real hard

Things I've done this month:
- started flipping over onto my tummy to sleep
- had a playdate with Ella
- got to see all my grandparents
- moved myself to a 4-hour schedule and do only 4 feedings a day
- learned to suck my toes
- Karo came to keep me AND Kennedy one day so mommy could work and extra day - so fun!
- learned to eat solid food (rice cereal) and LOVE it!
- learned to get around more on the floor (rolling and wiggling)
- found my shadow
- celebrated my first Easter \
- maybe started teething?
- started laughing more!
- met my Aunt Linda and Laura
- started reaching out for people to pick me up
- had a big growth spurt (super hungry!)
- started screaming all the time!
- planted flowers with mommy and daddy
- decided I don't want to nurse anymore - this made mommy SUPER sad, but it's - ok because I still get her milk, just through bottles instead

My personality:
- happy!
- easy going
- independent!
- inquisitive
- super nosey :o)
- serious
- hard to impress and get laughing :o)
- SO MUCH FUN! (mommy wrote that one)