Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Miss Independent

Pull out the balloons, streamers and noisemakers - mommy is throwing herself a little pity party! See, she isn't so excited that I'm growing up. Just this week, I decided "Hey, I don't really need anybody to rock me to sleep at naptime. I can do all by myself. Just lay me down in my crib, give me my fingers (I don't even need my paci anymore) and watch me put myself to sleep!" Apparently, this has caused mommy to feel a little sad and that I don't NEED her anymore. Cheer up mommy, I'm just growing up a bit. This is just the first thing in a string of others that I will become independent about, so you guys are gonna have to get used to it! Besides, I still need your help with a lot of other things like, eating, sitting up, moving least for now :o)!