Friday, February 09, 2007

I love my Diddy....uh, I mean Daddy

I'm really beginning to figure out some of my likes and dislikes lately. Near the top of my "like" list would definitely have to be Rap! That's right....sweet little ole' me is WAY into Rap. Now, the only way I would have ever known about my hidden love is that my Daddy introduced me to this wonderful form of entertainment. He likes to get in my face and throw down a little "beat box" which sends me into a frenzy! Anyway, he is way good at it and I'm quite the fan. Mommy says Daddy is crazy, but when he's not looking she's tries it too, just to get me laughing (for those of you who watched 'Friends', think Ross and Rachel with Emma). Now don't worry, they don't actually rap any lyrics to me, but I love to hear that beat. Here are some pictures of me enjoying the talents of my Diddy...uh, I mean Daddy!

Wow, this guy's good!

Stop it Daddy, stop it...I can't take it anymore! You kill me :o)!

Here Daddy, listen to me....(sputter, sputter)...did I do good?