Thursday, February 01, 2007

Diaper surprise!!!

Well, now that Emmy is 3 months old and has moved into size 1 diapers, I found the sweetest surprise inside!!! Really - a sweet surprise in her diapers! Now, you must know that I found the surprise BEFORE I put it on her, not after....let me explain. Apparently, my darling friends from Baylor that threw one of my showers had planned a fun surprise for me. They had all written encouraging, thoughtful, funny, precious notes to me and had tucked them neatly into the diapers used to make my diaper cake. They even got Scott and my parents involved, which was such a treat. Of course, the diaper cake was SO cute that I left it fully assembled all this time and didn't have a clue what fun was in store. Anyway, when I finally started pulling it apart and putting the diapers in Emmy's drawer, I discovered their secret :o) Some of my favorites include: a loving note from my hubby, a funny memory from my dad (when all alse fails, just hose her down), an oh-so appropriate verse from my mom (praise God from whom all blessings FLOW), a sweet prayer from Sharee, a clever thought from Amy, an inspiring note from Lair and an encouraging message from Julie. Girls, thank you SO much! You could never know how much each and every note has meant to me - what a treat! Emmy must think I'm nuts everytime I find one - either I'm crying or laughing as I try to change her diapers :o)