Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bun in the Oven

Aha! Freaked you out, didn't I? No, there's no new bun in mommy's oven (although I hope there will be someday). Actually, on this very day last year, mommy and daddy found out that I was their first Bun in the Oven! It's really a pretty cute story...I found mommy's journal from that day and here's part of what she wrote:

"Praise God! This morning, all those little hunches I had been feeling about being pregnant were confirmed - two pink lines! We're pregnant!!! We had talked about taking a test this morning so I jumped out of bed the minute the alarm rang (not my typical reaction - ha!). I prayed that God would prepare my heart for whatever the result, but after that endless five minutes I have to admit that I was totally shocked to see two pink lines. I just stared. And stared. Now, I had been planning to break the news to Scott in a really fun way, but at that moment I just had to tell him. I rushed into the bedroom and asked him to come over here as I held up the test. To which he replied, "Is that a toothbrush?" Um...no. When I finally dragged him out of bed and showed him the test, he gave a "Hmph", like 'well isn't that wild'? Obviously, he too was in shock. In fact, he asked me to take a few more tests over the next several days, just to be sure. Ok, I will, but I'm already a believer! Thank you Jesus!!!"

Here are some pictures from that morning:

So, since daddy wouldn't really believe it at first, mommy still got to use her fun idea to tell him I was coming for sure. Before he got home one night, mommy set up the video camera to catch his reaction to the news. Then, she set up the surprise! As he walked in the door, she frantically called to him from upstairs and asked him to check on the dinner that was cooking in the oven. Since mommy sometimes burns dinner (ha!), daddy quickly opened the oven and found this inside:

Yep, he found a "Bun in the Oven"! Mommy showed me the video today and when daddy saw that bun, he just started laughing! I could tell he was so excited because he kept hugging mommy and telling her how wonderful it would be to meet me. They loved me even then!

I heard mommy and daddy talking this morning and they were saying how fast this past year has gone and how crazy it is that I'm here! They thanked Jesus for letting me live with them and prayed that He'd help them be good parents to me - their first little Bun in the Oven!