Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Baylor game

I don't know how mommy forgot to add this picture the first time - she took about a million! I made it all the way to West before I had a blowout in this cute little outfit :o). Next time, I'm going to try to make it all the way to the game before I have to change!

Sic 'em Bears! On Tuesday night, I went to my very first Baylor basketball game. It was way fun and I got to meet some more of mommy and daddy's friends. We rode down there with Matt, Courtney and Jason and then met up with Jill, Jeff and Geoff. Mommy and I sat with the girls and just chatted. Daddy sat with the boys and they were way loud - I think it was an exciting game. Anyway, I made it through the first half pretty good and Courtney helped keep my ears covered during the loud times. Then I got pretty tired during the second half, so mommy and I spent most of it out in the hallway. I've decided that Baylor seems just as fun as mommy and daddy say it is - I hope I can go there someday!

Jill, Courtney and me - I'm hiding my ears because of all the noise.

A serious moment in the game.

Daddy and his friends are silly!