Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Girl Bed

I would like to brag on my daughter a bit - she is sleeping in her big girl bed! Despite my initial bad parenting in the area of sleep habits, Emmy has now learned to go to sleep in her own crib and we couldn't be more excited. She had been sleeping in the pack 'n play in our bedroom, but would only sleep there for 1-2 hours at a time before waking up and then it was hard to get her back to sleep. So, by the peditrician's suggestion, the first night after we returned from all our holiday traveling we moved her up to her own room. It was a little sad for me at first, but totally necessary for all of us. Plus we have a video monitor that we can watch her on as well as a motion monitor that detects even the slightest moments (like her breathing) so I wasn't really worried. And, we moved upstairs temporarily to sleep in the guest room and be closer to her! Anyway, I read the BEST book on our way home from New Years that really spelled out a system for babies and sleep. I did exactly what it suggested and she was sleeping through the night after only 2 days!!! When I say sleeping through the night, she literally sleeps for an uninterrupted 8-9 hours - no kidding! She has acutally been doing this for a while, but I think I was scared to write about it for fear of jinxing it or something :o). Anyway, there are still the occasional nights when she wakes up hungry at 4:00 a.m., but that hasn't even happened in over a week. So, once again I have to thank her grandparents for lifting us up in prayer over this issue - I know God answered you and I am so thankful for Emmy's sake!!!

Scott likes to get Emmy up in the morning - she usually wakes up happy and plays in her crib for a bit before he comes to get her.

Now, naptime is a whole other issue....seems our little lady only requires several 30-minute naps throughout the day to keep her going. We worried at first that she wasn't getting enough sleep, but apparently she would just rather sleep at night. She is a curious little thing and HATES to miss out on anything during the day:o)!

I get to get her up after naps - she usually wakes up after 30 mintues on the dot, ready to go again!