Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pomp and something or other......

I would like to introduce you to my Daddy - Scott Rowe, MBA! That's right, my Daddy is an official graduate of Auburn University and has now earned his Master's in Business Administration. Mommy says it's about time he caught up to her Master's degree :o)

We celebrated last Saturday night with dinner at his favorite place, Roadhouse, and Mommy and I got him cards. We are also working on getting his diploma framed once it arrives.

I am really SO proud of my Daddy and I know Mommy is too. She was telling me just the other day that Daddy decided several years ago to get this degree because he wanted to provide a better future for me - before he even knew me! Can you believe that? What a great Daddy.

Although we did not make the trip to Alabama for him to get the diploma, he did get to spend some time there last month in order to finish up the program, and he took a bunch of pictures for me. Auburn is a really beautiful campus, but I'm still partial to a little school down in Waco, Texas (Sic' em Bears!).