Saturday, December 16, 2006

Coffee with Aunt Lair

Last week, I got to meet my Aunt Lair - she is Mommy's bestest friend in the whole world! We picked her up at the airport and got to hang out for a little while at Starbucks. All I know is that she is WAY fun! She fed me a bottle, held me really good and just loved on me. She didn't even get grossed out when I went poo on her! Mommy had been telling me just how much I would love her and she was right. We really hit it off! Plus, she got Mommy the most wonderful present - it was a sweet little necklace with MY name on it. Can you believe that? Mommy really loves that thing and I've noticed that she hasn't even taken it off for a second. What a fun present!

I'm not really sure when I will see my Aunt Lair again, but Mommy says we will go visit her in Little Rock after the holidays. I can't wait! Until then, I'm sure I can talk to her on the phone - seems like she and Mommy do that a LOT :o)

Thanks for the fun day, Aunt Lair!