Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Well, this past weekend I met the rest of my "greats"; great-grandparents that is. Meme and Granddaddy are Gigi's parents and they came down to meet me! I really like them and it's neat how much Meme sounds like my Gigi. I figure that's because MeMe taught GiGi how to talk.
Now I've met all four of my Great grandmothers and both of my Great grandfathers. Mommy and Daddy each had one other grandfather they wished I could have met, but they say I will see them in Heaven one day. I bet they were a little bit like my grandpas so I'll just have to imagine.

While we were in Granbury, we had a 40+40 (that makes 80, so I'm told) birthday party for my Great-grandmother Carlisle...she sure was surprised! It was really fun and I got to see a lot of family. During the trip, I also went to Mommy's cousin JuLea's basketball tournament - she did great. And on top of all that, I got to meet some people at Gigi and Grandpa Carlisle's work places. Everyone wanted to hold me and I was on my best behavior. I didn't wet on anybody and I kept the crying to a minimum.

Anyway, I am way worn out after such a busy weekend so I better go. Here are some pictures from the trip:

Meme and Granddaddy holding me

Meme and Grandmother playing with me

4 generations of Streets (Mommy and Gigi are smiling SUPER big to cover up my sad face)

All the Carlisles