Sunday, October 15, 2006

Work showers

As if we hadn't already been blessed by our Baylor shower and the shower in Houston, our co-workers threw us a shower at each of our jobs, too. As you can tell from the pictures, Jessica's shower was quite a while ago and Scott's was more recent.

Jessica got to share the shower at her school with some other ladies who were expecting, which was a lot of fun! She really misses Wyatt (her old school) but is enjoying this year working part-time at her new school.

Scott's friends threw us a shower at Perot Systems and we were amazed by everyone's generosity. Jessica had a great time getting to know some of Scott's teammates and was finally able to put a face with some of the names she had been hearing about.

As we've been discussing it more lately, we have truly felt like God has blessed us through our jobs and the people we have met at work. His provision for us throughout this pregnancy has been evident, big time!!

Corinne, Jessica and Becca


Aww, how cute.